Digital Publishing Solutions for eBooks, eLearning and More

Standing out in a crowded digital marketplace is a complex challenge. As you embrace digital more fully, or look to repurpose and migrate content more easily, you need a partner with the publishing, technology and project management expertise to assist with your diverse digital projects.

OKS Group can help.

Our e2e (End-to-End) Cloud-Based Workflow Platform

Our e2e cloud-based workflow platform is an online editing, proofing, collaborative workflow and content management system, bringing value to all your publishing deliverables with savings in time and money through:

  • Platform independence (no local software installation is required)
  • Encouraging collaboration among authors, editors, reviewers, and other stakeholders
  • Avoiding introduction of errors at every stage
  • An integrated math editor
  • Customized client rules defined upfront
  • Zero reliance on conventional typesetting to generate structured content, create pages, and incorporate corrections
  • Significant cost savings from parallel product deliveries in XML, HTML, PDF, ePub 3, Word and other formats

Our eLearning Solutions

Expertise, flexibility and technology combine in creating the customized eLearning solutions you need for your marketplace. We can assist with:

  • Producing whiteboard animations with synchronized voice over (English and foreign language), based on client content and house style
  • InDesign to HTML5 conversion for complex mathematics text and workbook
  • PDF to eBook conversion for various platforms (e.g. Bookshelf in the Netherlands)
  • Hotspot PDFs with clickable content chunks linked to image or video
  • PDF to eBook interactivity for teacher and student versions
  • Our host of related services including artwork and more

Learn how this European publisher expanded their digital and eLearning offerings with OKS Group’s help.

Books and Journals

From raw manuscripts to printed books and digital files, our fully XML-first workflows enable us to deliver structured files at any stage of the production process. We welcome complex technical and scientific content, complex math titles, multilingual work and challenging designs.

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