OKS Publishing: Comprehensive, End-to-End Print and Digital Publishing Solutions

As a publisher, you are increasingly pressed to multipurpose content for delivery on diverse digital platforms in addition to print. OKS Group, at the forefront of publishing technology for more than 25 years, has deep roots in book and journal production, a firm commitment to innovation and quality, and the project management and technological expertise to bring even your most complex projects to market on time and within budget.

Learn how we can help you stand out in a challenging digital marketplace with our specialized skills, tools and teams. Read how one of our European publishing clients expanded their digital and elearning offerings with our customized solutions.

With a host of essential related services, OKS Publishing offers customized, end-to-end solutions to a global clientele for K-12, higher education, vocational, academic, directory, professional, legal, and healthcare publishing. We partner with you in developing the most efficient outsourcing strategies for the short and long term.