OKS Information Solutions Facilitates Research and Discovery

When you are looking to mine, refine, aggregate or analyze data for your organizational use or as an end information product, you need a knowledgeable business partner that won’t miss opportunities.

OKS Information Solutions has built hundreds of systems over more than 25 years, supporting our customers’ varied information needs. Our customized solutions frequently rely on our consultative approach with clients. Understanding the nature of your business challenges allows us to conduct the research you need, facilitate discovery of new data opportunities, reengineer processes to create efficiencies, and provide the best possible ongoing solution.

  • Our consultative approach means we identify the methodologies for data collection that suit you and your organization; we don’t try to fit you into a predetermined model
  • We’re creative in utilizing hybrid data collection methods to ensure quality, cost-effective solutions
  • We are always on the lookout for process efficiencies; we recommend and implement workflows that save time and money