OKS Information Transforms Data Into Business Information Products

When you are in the business of delivering information, how do you manage the sheer volume of what’s available?

At OKS Information Solutions, we have built some of the most valuable and comprehensive databases in the business for our directory publishers and other customers over the years. We understand your challenges: normalizing, standardizing, and aggregating data mined from disparate sources; time and technology to identify data opportunities; creating databases and information products that are customized to your needs and those of your clients.

OKS Information Solutions can:

  • Perform specialized content collection through data mining, call center and other techniques
  • Create and update your databases, expanding beyond your current repository
  • Monitor websites, public domain sources, and social media platforms for inclusion
  • Provide skilled human editors, expert technologists, and BPO resources
  • Implement effective workflow solutions to enable integration of disparate content management systems