OKS Healthcare: Medical Transcription Services

OKS Healthcare provides secure transcription and digital dictation services to medical professionals and hospital trusts in the UK and the US. We can convert audio files into text in a matter of hours.

OKS Group uses an innovative process to deliver the clinical documents to connect seamlessly with established methodologies and workflow processes. This enables the delivery of highly accurate transcription files in any structured format. We provide the industry standard Clinical Document Architecture, as standard.

OKS Healthcare delivers:

  • A flexible, user friendly application that handles transcriptions
  • Reliable digital transcription solutions tailored to meet individual hospital needs
  • Proven and cost-effective technological solutions that are quick, secure, and accurate
  • Documents available in multiple formats while maintaining the integrity and security of the finalized documentation within the trust environment
  • Software that is adaptable to integrate with hospital and medical systems, third party document management systems, and existing document and client record systems