OKS Group Is Featured in Publishers Weekly Digital Solutions 2014

May 29, 2014

OKS Group is featured in the May 2014 issue of Publishers Weekly, highlighting digital solutions providers with operations in India. OKS Group executives are cited in the article as they elaborate on the company’s continued expansion into interactive eLearning products and services, as well as cloud-based technology platforms for publishing workflows.

Also described is the newest OKS Group initiative in the eLearning space. OKS Education Pvt, Ltd, also known as OKS Education, is headed by Aditya Tripathi, who explains the importance of MarkSharks, its brand new eLearning product.

MarkSharks is an interactive learning platform that follows a “flip teaching” methodology that includes peer-to-peer learning, instruction from qualified teachers and subject matter experts, and students able to undertake self-study that goes far beyond the typical talking head.

To learn more about MarkSharks and OKS Education, visit the MarkSharks website.

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